Performance Updates

This year has been very rough on myself and my wife health wise. My wife Sherry is still dealing with a Life-Threatening Medical Condition which has been back and forth and I had a Hernia Surgery in July which was at least two years overdue.

The first half of the year I was out performing at Open Mics and at various special events but now I have to take some time off to focus on our health (especially Sherry's).

While taking this time off, I am working on self-teaching piano, drums and maybe a few other instruments. I have also started song-writing in the Contemporary Christian / Gospel style so upon my return, I will have a lot to exhibit at my shows (I hope).

With that said, be on the lookout around early Spring 2016 for my return as I plan to get back out there and continue to entertain with my "From The Headlines" and "Life Lesson" style music. I have also been working on some more cover songs also in this genre and more so... Send my wife and myself plenty of Healing Energy, Prayers and Well Wishes and I will be back before you know it.


  Gregory W. Irish

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