What have I been up to?

Hi Everybody!

I'm sorry for not blogging in a while but so much has been going on.

First the bad news. My wife has been dealing (for years now) with a Life-Threatening Medical Condition and so I have had to focus much of my attention on her and many doctors appointments. I did write a song for her though (Standing Next To Me) and it has been a hit so far. My health has remained good and I hope that that remains the same with all I have been through.

I am hoping that 2015 will be my breakout year. I have sold my over-sized PA System and have purchased a more reasonably sized PA (Fender Passport 500) which will be easier to transport to gigs.

I have secured one library gig at the South Brunswick Public Library and have contacted two more libraries about return visits. If you can think of any venue you would like to see me at, please send me a message via this webpage's contact link. I am still hitting as many Open Mic's as possible to get out my new music.

Right now, I am in the middle of performing with the Gospel Choir at our Church in the Lenten Mission (February 16-18) and on the first day of the mission I was able to perform my first religious song "Found Jesus" which I received many compliments on. Playing with the Gospel Choir has inspired me to further diversify my music.

On another note, I am still considering starting a duo or trio group, playing covers of Folk, Country, Pop and Rock from the 1960's to the current day so if anyone is seriously interested, please contact me and please give me the details of the instrument you play and if you sing or not. Let's see what happens.

I'm sorry you haven't heard from me in a while but I promise you I will hear from me more often and hopefully with good news.

Thanks for being a fan of my music and hope to see you all soon at a gig near you!


  Gregory W. Irish

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