Upcoming And Past Events

WOW! A lot has been happening!

I just finished a volunteer performance for MOAM (Musicians On A Mission) at Sessions at CVR (Center For Vocational Rehabilitation) and it was an experience I will never forget and one that I will repeat very soon. Everyone was very receptive and I had a blast performing for them.

I have participated in some Open Mics around New Jersey but the one I have found to like the most is the Papa Ganache Open Mic Series (Poetry Workshop and Open Mic at a Vegan Bakery in Matawan, NJ) hosted my the Ministry of Artistic Intent (MAI). With the Poetry Workshop I have gone back into poetry and I have found this to help with my songwriting as well. I will be performing in an event hosted by the MAI on June 8th at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ. Sooner though I will be volunteering again with MOAM and Al-Vis Al and Friends at the end of Riverfest on June 1st. I will also perform at a MOAM Open Mic at Russo's Music in Asbury Park on June 7th.

My 1st CD "Touched By Life" is selling not only in the USA but overseas as well. At any of my performances though I have made my CD available for only $3 as I am saving for my next CD and I want to make this current CD available at a price anyone can afford.

I am still looking for paid venues and gigs and will keep everyone informed as to where I will be next.

I hope that everyone one of you have a wonderful summer and I hope to see many of you at one of my many events in the future.

Gregory W. Irish

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