New Year / New Events / New Music Yet To Come


So far this year I have survived a 2 week long cold (not flu) that was given to me at a Christmas music event and I started suffering on Christmas day. I have since recovered but it two more weeks for me to get my voice back just in time for some music events I was a part of. The first event was on January 17th (Light Of Day Open Mic) which was very important to me because it is a benefit for Parkinson's Disease research which is what my father passed away from. Then coming up on January 26th is the Locals Covering Locals event which will be many firsts for me. 1) It is my first time participating in this event, 2) The first time anyone has covered a song by The Wag band (Ain't Nobody), 3) The first time anyone has covered Michael Brett's song (Vanishing Act), 4) The first time anyone has covered one of my songs (The Wag is performing "Second Wind"), and 5) The first time I will be playing one of my newest originals "Sitting In The Dark" a song I wrote about Hurricane Sandy and how it affected those in the storms path.

I am looking forward to more events to participate in and more bars/clubs to start performing in. I am also working on new songs and preparing for a new CD that I hope will be released in 2014.

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