New Website

  I want to welcome everyone to my NEW Website at HostBaby!

  This is a New Month, a New Day and a Fresh Start. Please check out all of the pages and if you have any comments, well wishes, suggestions or advice please send me a message at my email, PO Box or in my comment form. I welcome all suggestions.

  I also would like to have you all sign up for my email list so I can tell you about upcoming CD's, Shows and other important information in my music and my life.

  I am currently working on my 2nd CD... it will be less tracks and yet it will still deliver a powerful message.

  For those who are new to myself and my music... I write songs about Love, Life, Peace and some right out of the headlines (again life in action). My songs are honest and some have a humorous side to them. Most of them can be applied in anyone's life. In my life I have seen both good and bad. I have lost loved ones and friends. I have seen violence and peaceful moments too. This is what shapes my music.

  Until I write again,